Yenisey River Cruise



Type: Discovery
Tour duration: 9 days
Season: August
Transportation: motor ship "Chkalov", car/bus, on foot
Water travelling: 1576 km
Bus travelling: 500 km
Age limit: from 10 years
The great Yenisey, the hero of many legends! Having started the way from the north by a comfortable ship, you will follow the route of legendary traveler Fridtjof Nansen to the “Land of the future”. The boundless Yenisey will be opened before your eyes after boundless tundra and changed into boundless taiga in southern latitudes of the trip. The peculiarity of the cruise is a constant change of landscapes, interesting excursions and entertainment life, which will make the trip unforgettable.

Day 1. Morning arrival to the airport Alykel of the city Norilsk (Polar Circle Region, north of Russia, - 69°20′ N). Group transfer to Norilsk, check-in the center located hotel “Norilsk”. Norilsk city tour about Soviet past and industry today, visit Memorial of Norilsk Golgotha and museum of Norilsk development. (B L)


Day 2.  Breakfast. Departure to Dudinka town. Excursion in the Regional Ethnographic museum. Dudinka sightseeing excursion and visit a bridge devoted to all prisoners of concentration camps. 12.00 Boarding the ship “Alexander Matrossov” or “Valery Chkalov”. 13.00 Lunch on board. Excursion around the ship. 17:00-17:30 Stop in the village Potapovo. 19:00 Dinner on board.  (BLD)


Day 3. 01:30-02:00 Night stop in Igarka town. The town stands on the permafrost, light polar night, a short 30-40 minutes long walking in Igarka. 09.00 Breakfast on board. In the morning crossing the Arctic Circle (Kureyka river). 10.30-11.00 Stop in the village Kureyka. 12.00-12.30 Stop in the village Goroshiha. 13.00 Lunch on board. Activities in the reading lounge. 18.30-19.00 Stop in the town Tutukhansk. The town is located at the confluence of the Lower Tunguska River and  the Yenisei. Tunguska - because on its banks Tungus people (modern Evenki) lived, and the definition of lower sets it apart from the other two Tunguska. The population is 4.8 thousand people. Sights of the town is the Trinity Church (end 18th - beginning 19th century).  In Turukhansk there are fishery, oil and gas expedition, river station, airport, museum of revolutionists Yakov Sverdlov and Suren Spandarian. 19.30 Dinner on board. 22.30-23.00 Stop in the village Kostino. (BLD)


Day 4. 05.30-06.00 Stop in the village Vereshagino. 07.30-08.00 Stop in the village Surgutikha. 08.30 Breakfast on board. 13.00 Lunch on board. 14.00-15.00 Stop in the village Verhneimbatskoe. 17.30-18.00 Stop in the village Chulkovo. 19.00 Dinner on board. 20.00-20.30 Stop in the village Bahta (BLD)



Day 5. 03.30-04.00 Stop in the village Bor. Here we go by the third big Yenissey tributary – Podkamennaya Tunguska. This river is wild and full of rapids. Its length -1865 km. Podkamennaya means Stones because it makes its way to the Yenisei through many hundreds of km through rock cliffs. After 40 km begins Osinovskaya threshold- legendary narrow canyon, which is overcome only with great difficulty. Passage through the threshold is narrow and tortuous (700 m). Two ships cannot disperse, and the movement is one-sided. Passing Osinovskaya threshold system. 30 meters from the ship we can see the island “Monastyrsky” with a lot of legends and mysteries from the past, then rocks islands Korablik (a small Ship) and Barochka (a small Longboat) appeared unexpectedly from haze, then from the threshold the mighty Yenisei goes to the part Osinovskaya cheeks - the most picturesque area in the lower reaches of rivers. High granite shores form a corridor of the height of 50 m. 09.00 Breakfast on board. 10.30-11.00 Stop in the village Vorogovo. It’s founded more than 350 years ago.  Today about 2 thousand people live here, to the arrival of the ship at the pier local residents organize a small market with a variety of merchandise and souvenirs made by local handicrafts.13.00 Lunch on board. 17.30-18.00 Stop in the village Yartsevo. It’s located between 2 tributaries Kas and Sym, there is a small market at the pier. 19.00 Dinner on board. (BLD)



Day 6.  09.00 Breakfast on board. 11.30 Arrival to Yenisseysk town. Check-in at the hotel “Ilimpeyskaya” (no WC in the rooms). 13.00 Lunch in a café. 14.00-19.00 Yeniseysk city tour, visit to Regional museum, photo hut, Monastery Lake. Yeniseisk is one of the most ancient Siberian towns. The town's past is closely connected to the history of Eastern Siberia's and Russia's uniting. During 150 years this town was the main gates to the Eastern Siberia and "the father" of all Siberian towns. The Yeniseisk regional museum is one of the oldest museums of Siberia. The unique collection of the museum includes pipes made of mammoth's bone, tungus tribes' clothes, collections of seeds, Stone age instruments, tungus boxes decorated by beads, squirrels' tails boa and ancient fishing tools. Walking excursion in the Siberian city among unique samples of wooden and stone architecture, churches and mansions. Visit to photo hut – an unique museum of ancient things collected by enthusiast Peter Drozdov. During the excursion you will see the Church of Iver women monastery, Saviour Cathedral, men monastery of the Holy Transfiguration, Church of the Resurrection, Epiphany Cathedral, Trinity church, Assumption Cathedral. Visit to the Monastery Lake (35 km one way). It is believed that water Monastery Lake has healing properties, the very place considered sacred - in ancient times there was a monastic hermitage. During the Red terror all the monks were killed and thrown into the lake. After their death the water in the lake had not been frozen for some years in spite of deep temperatures. 19.00 Dinner in a café. (BLD)


Day 7. 09.00 Breakfast in a café. 10.00 Departure to the town Lesosibirsk. Visit the place of confluence of Yenissey and Angara river. Picnic on the island Karaulny with fish-soup. Departure to Krasnoyarsk (330 km), check-in at the Amaks City Hotel 3*. Dinner in hotel. (BLD)


Day 8.  Breakfast in hotel. Krasnoyarsk city tour. The day begins with a city tour around Krasnoyarsk with visiting of all basic sights: the monument to Andrey Dubensky, the founder of the city, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view; Karaulnaya Hill where Paraskeva Pjatnitsa chapel (1855) is located; Annunciation temple, Intercession cathedral and Catholic church in the program. During the excursion you’ll see Mira Avenue, Drama Theatre, Opera and Ballet House, Yenisey quay. Trip to Krasnoyarsk hydro power station – the second biggest one in Russia. You will have an opportunity to go by the picturesque forest road to Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Station, then visit an observation place Tsar Fish, where you can enjoy picturesque scenes of the city and Yenisey river. Whoever comes to Krasnoyarsk, either Russians or foreigners, everybody is impressed by powerful Yenisey and the boundless taiga, near the very city. The way ends in Divnogorsk which was just the camp of the builders of the Hydro Power station in 1957. It took its name after the mountains situated around the city.  After picnic trip to the national park Stolby. If you have ever been to Krasnoyarsk, but haven’t visited the nature reserve “Stolby”, you haven’t seen the heart of the city, its lungs, its soul. This is the place to get unforgettable impressions while visiting our city! Unlike regular tour to “Stolby” our tourists will not have to go up 7 km to reach the “First Stolb”. Our driver will get you straight to the top. Dinner in hotel.  (BLD)


Day 9. Breakfast in hotel. Group transfer to the airport or railway station. Departure. (B)

Notes: The program is subject to changes due to weather and other objective reasons.

Fixed departures – 2014:


Prices 2014

1917 EUR per person

SGL supplement:

100 EUR per person


  • TWN accommodation at hotel Norilsk (1 night), Ilimpeiskaya (1 night), Amaks City (2 nights)
  • meals according to the programme
  • ticket for m/s (1st class TWN or SGL accommodation)
  • transport service during the whole programme including transfer "airport- hotel - airport"
  • excursions according tour program including entrance fees
  • entertainments on the board
  • English and German speaking guides
  • permission for entry to Norilsk and Dudinka
  • visa supporting documents

Not included:

  • air flights
  • optional excursions
  • alcohol beverages
  • items of personnel nature such as laundry, bar charges, beauty salon, telephone cable charges and medical services

Please note! The Russian Security Service requires a special permission to enter Norilsk and Dudinka. We kindly ask you to provide us a copy of your passport and Russian visa 45 days before departure to Norilsk (till 01.07.2014). The Russian Security Service has allowed to refuse your right to enter this Polar Circle Region. In a positive case we will send you a permission letter per e-mail or fax 3 days before your boarding a flight to Norilsk, you should provide this letter by boarding the plane and entering Norilsk, what is more you should keep this permission by yourselves during your stay in Norilsk and Dudinka.

Payment schedule:

  • 30% payment just after confirmation
  • Payment transaction should be completed 30 days before embarkation.

Cancellation policy:

  • If cancelled more than 30 days before embarkation – 10% of cruise price (non-refundable deposit)
  • 30-14 days before embarkation – 50% of cruise price
  • 14-7 days before embarkation – 70% of cruise price
  • Less than 7 days before embarkation – 100% of cruise price
  • ian Security Service doesn't grant a permit to enter Norilsk and Dudinka the cruise will be cancelled with refund excluding costs actually incurred. 
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